About me

I was raised in a rich cultural environment within a very creative family. Making art was a daily activity for me from an early age that was not separate from life but at the service of life. After I had come into contact with many different forms and techniques for making art until I was 16, there was an increasing desire to use my own method or system to represent the images in my head that this world gave me. Between the ages of 16 and 26, I made a list of some 30 essential questions that reunited science and art history. This questionnaire provided an experimental period of creating and destroying artworks over a period of fifteen years. In 2000, when I was 31, I managed to express one of the questions. This question : "How can I represent the string theory from quantum mechanics with painting techniques in the most minimalistic way possible?" More explanation can be found at Element-M in the text 'Paint threads: the origin’.

I needed a corresponding system for these new own techniques with which I wanted to express the answers to my questionnaire through my artworks. This became Element-M. This system formed the basis for representing the world as I experience it. I then made every choice within Element-M very consciously. The materials, the format and the design are not separate from each other, but are complementary. Within Element-M I work with 3 shapes; the Solist, the Dualist and the Cycles. Each form stands alone but at the same time is not separate from the other two forms. On the page entitled Element-M you can read a detailed explanation about this. During the experimental period it was possible for me to have a remote studio. Since the year 2000, however, it has been essential for me to have a studio at home. This makes it possible to work on the artworks at any time in a way where the artwork is part of the life I live. Each work of art is unique and contains a piece of the creator's soul. For me as an artist time is 'one line' which means that I can sometimes work on a work of art over a long period of years before the work has reached the final stage.

I hope to surprise the viewer with my own visual language / signature that will evoke questions and amazement at every encounter. Sometimes unconsciously, sometimes consciously. My artworks don't need an explanation to be understood. If you wish, I invite you to read this page with the first 10 topics of Element-M. Here I try to explain the origin of the works of art that I make.