Solist refers to myself, the maker of the work, and symbolises the lone wolf, the individual who walks a path towards the horizon without ever reaching it.

Solist expresses the uniqueness in our world. Think of: DNA, fingerprints, individuality, one lifetime vs one death, the coordinates of one point in time at one place etc. You can read a detailed explanation on the Element-M page.

Dimensions of all Solist: 8,2 inch x 9,4 inch (21cm x 24 cm)

The basic used and materials for my artworks are: object (sculpted), wood, metal, dry-pigment, textiles, glass-fiber, acrylic-paint, polymer plastics, plastic fiber, canvas etc.
Types of paint: acrylic paint, pigments mixed with binder, egg tempera, oil paint/enamel and airbrush paint.


Solist A-IV

Solist A-VI

Solist B-I

Solist B-III

Solist nr.3-II

Solist nr.05-VI

Solist nr.6-IV

Solist nr.20-I

Solist nr.20-II

Solist nr.20-IV

Solist nr.21-I

Solist nr.21-II

Solist nr.21-IV

Solist nr.21-V

Solist nr.21-VI

Solist X-I

Solist Y-I