Cycles refers to the triptych in painting and symbolises mathematics, quantum mechanics, the universe or the universal.
Cycles expresses the material world, the solar system with our earth, the laws of nature, mathematica, the binary, the digital world, A.I.(artificial intelligence) etc.  You can read a detailed explanation on the Element-M page.
Dimensions of all Cycles:    7.8 inch x 12,2 inch (20cm x 31 cm)
The basic used and materials for my artworks are: object (sculpted), wood, metal, dry-pigment, textiles, glass-fiber, acrylic-paint, polymer plastics, plastic fiber, canvas etc.
Types of paint: acrylic paint, pigments mixed with binder, egg tempera, oil paint/enamel and airbrush paint.


Cycles nr. A-IV

Cycles nr.00-IV

Cycles nr.00-V

Cycles nr.20-I

Cycles nr.20-II

Cycles nr.21-PG-I (eerste Paint-Gem)

Cycles nr.21-PG-II (tweede Paint-Gem)

Cycles nr.21-PG-III

Cycles nr.21-PG-V

Cycles nr.A-III

Cycles nr.B-I

Cycles nr.B-II