Who is Lars Cornelisse? Born in Haarlem in 1969, Lars Cornelisse grew up in the wooded area of ​​Bloemendaal on the edge of the dunes, together with his father, mother and a younger brother. In his childhood he was often ill due to poor health and the creative process, making aesthetic things, was a great outlet.

After a very creative and culturally rich upbringing, he started at the prestigious Gerrit Rietveld Academy in Amsterdam at the age of eighteen. In the fourth year, after he passed the exam 'Painting / Autonomous Direction', he left for France. After living in Paris for a year, he started his Masters (New technologies and computer animation) at the University of Lyon. Here he met his current wife and soul mate who supported him in his creative developments over the years that followed.

At the age of 23, after obtaining his master's degree, he returned to the Netherlands. In addition to his job in computer science (ICT), he continued his research year after year to find answers to the creative questions that emerged from the pre-art academy period. Around the year 2000, after a period of 10 years of research, he finally succeeded in making the first successful ‘Paint threads'. This provided a huge breakthrough in his creative process. He no longer destroyed a single work of art. The 10 years before that, in which he tried again and again, time after time, to arrive at a result of a 'paint-thread', resulted in a period of setbacks.

Mentally and physically it became more and more clear what was the cause of this. At the age of 35, research at the hospital showed that he is highly intelligent and that he was unable to tolerate gluten. A good recovery plan brought stability to his life so that things went in the right direction again. Five years later, autism (Asperger) was discovered in him, which gave him even more insights into the previous years. Peace returned. Until 2015, he worked on his oeuvre without exhibiting to get it ready. In recent years, he has been increasingly successful in making works of art into a final phase. In 2019 he exhibited a series of works at Galerie Zerp (Rotterdam-NL). Within the speed of today's society, Lars Cornelisse makes his works of art with extreme patience and perseverance in order to achieve unique results. Hopefully, upon seeing his works, the viewer will regain the peace of mind to experience every detail. Lars Cornelisse does not work on commission and does not give interviews, convinced that this time is necessary to be able to finish his artworks.

Prices on request.

If you would like to know which artworks are available for purchase or to exhibit, please contact mr. Zic Zerp from Zerp Gallery.

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All artworks are photograhed by: Candide Rietdijk

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